The Brent Borough Plan

Building a Better Brent

The Borough Plan sets out the council’s vision for the future and aims to make the borough a place that is better, stronger, safer and cleaner.  There is an emphasis on culture, and making sure that the opportunities in Brent are shared fairly among communities. It also focuses on innovation and working more effectively with partners, as ways to make the most of diminishing resources. The vision is to make Brent an even better place now and in the future. The five key themes in the Borough Plan are:

  • Every opportunity to succeed
  • A future built for everyone, an economy fit for all
  • A cleaner, more considerate Brent
  • A borough where we can all feel safe, secure, happy and healthy
  • Strong foundations

Find out more about each of the borough’s themes below – click on the theme you are interested in to see the key priorities the council is focusing on, and to explore supporting data and council strategies related to this theme.

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Read the Borough Plan here: