Update: Please note the 2019/20 JSNA has been superseded by the 2023 JSNA. The 2019/20 reports below have been retained here for reference purposes.

This refresh of Brent’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) provides an assessment of health, social care needs, their determinants and forecasted prevalence. The JSNA refresh is based on an analysis of a range of national and Brent datasets including demographic data, behavioural determinants of health (smoking, drinking and dietary habits etc.), and epidemiology (life expectancy and the prevalence of diseases).

Comparisons are drawn against regional and national health outcomes to better understand whether the issues identified in Brent are similar to elsewhere.

The 2019/20 refresh includes a new set of JSNAs that represent a wider range of priorities within the local authority. These sheets encapsulate some of the main health and care challenges in Brent.

Please see available JSNA sheets:

Note: This refresh replaces the 2015 JSNA for Brent. The 2015 JSNA reports have been removed from open data but are available on request.

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