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Applications to the EU settlement scheme (EUSS) - August 2018 to June 2021.

The EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) enables EU, Swiss and other EEA citizens, to obtain UK immigration status by the end of the Brexit transition period. Family members with other nationalities can also apply. For most applicants, the deadline was 30 June 2021. Note: EEA=European Economic Area.

What the figures tell us about Brent

EUSS statistics provide useful insight about Brent's European population. Key points:

  • By June 2021, Brent residents had made 131,260 applications to the EU settlement scheme. Of these, 114,630 applications were from EU nationals. Brent ranked third highest in the UK (after Newham and Birmingham) on the number of applications.
  • The largest number of applications were from Romanian (33,380) and Portuguese nationals (22,150). Together these two groups comprise almost half of all EU national applications from Brent residents.
  • Brent had the highest number of Portuguese applicants across all local authority areas, and was ranked 3rd highest on the number of applications from Romanian nationals (after Newham and Harrow).
  • Around 16,630 applications to the EUSS were made by non-EU nationals. While this group included Swiss and other EEA nationals (ie Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), the vast majority were family members with other nationalities (15,220).

About the data

These figures relate to the number of applications not the number of people. Some applicants may have applied more than once (eg for both pre-settled and settled status). Nationally, the Home Office estimates that repeat applications represent around 8% of all EUSS applications received.

The links below provide a summary data for Brent and links to the full datasets published by the Home Office.

Note: Analysis based on June 2021 EUSS data published by the Home Office on 16 September 2021.

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