This report collates intelligence about Brent’s different communities and explores data by ethnicity, nationality, country of birth and language. The report was designed to inform 2021 Census planning and engagement work.

Overview of key findings:

Ethnicity: Brent is home to many communities and is one of the most diverse boroughs in London. Almost two thirds of the population (64%) are from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, the third highest in London. A further 19% of residents are from White minority groups*. The remaining 16% of residents are White British, the second lowest rate in London. 

Country of birth: Brent attracts residents from all over the world. In 2011, over half (55%) of the Brent population were born outside the UK – the highest percentage in England and Wales. The Census identified Brent residents born in 215 different countries. 

EU nationals: Brent has a large European population: around one in five Brent residents have EU nationality (20%) – the highest rate in London. By August 2020, EU nationals in Brent had made 76,480 applications to the EU settlement scheme, the second highest number in the UK. The largest number of applications were from Romanian and Portuguese nationals. Administrative and survey data both suggest the size of the borough’s EU national population has increased significantly since the last Census. 

Language: Around 150 different languages are used in Brent. In 2011, 37% of the Brent population used a main language other than English – the 2nd highest in England. Around 9% of adults in Brent have poor proficiency in spoken English. In terms of numbers, residents born in India and Poland comprised the largest groups with poor proficiency (numbering 5,110 and 2,669). Proficiency levels are typically lower for older residents, particularly women.

Note: This pdf has been designed to be accessible for users of assistive technologies. A csv file, which contains the data behind all the charts in the document, is also available below. 

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