Update: Please note the 2019/20 JSNA has been superseded by the 2023 JSNA. The report below has been retained here for reference purposes.

Brent is well served with public transport including London Underground and Overground lines, National Rail and buses. More people are either walking, cycling or using public transport resulting in the number of vehicles per household reducing to 0.8. In 2017 1,158 people were injured on Brent’s roads in 933 recorded accidents, of these six resulted in the loss of life and 126 were serious injuries. This figure is higher than the London average.

This report is part of the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) which looks at the current and future health and care needs of the local population. The JSNA explores the wider social factors that impact a person’s health and wellbeing, to inform the commissioning of health services within the borough.

A list of all JSNA reports can be found on the Brent Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2019/20 open data page.

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