This briefing summarises 2021 census data about residents by their country of birth. The analysis explores what the new statistics tell us about Brent’s migrant population and how things have changed since 2011. 

Update (May 2023)

Since this briefing was published (November 2022), ONS has released a more detailed breakdown of the population by country of birth for 189 different countries (instead of the 59 categories used in the report). This additional data is provided below in spreadsheet format. This includes population figures for significant populations in Brent, which were not identified by the original release, for example, those born in Brazil (5,532 residents) and Syria (2,898 residents).


The briefing below is provided here in PDF format and efforts have been made to ensure that the report is accessible to users of assistive technologies. However, if you cannot access the material and require it in a different format, please contact the open data team to discuss your requirements. Data tables used to create the charts and tables in the report have been made available below in spreadsheet format. 

Accessing 2021 census data

2021 census data can found on the NOMIS website - the official website for census and labour market statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). NOMIS also provides access to statistics from previous censuses.

The ONS has produced an interactive mapping tool which allows exploration of 2021 census data for different countries of birth across local authority areas.

More information

To access other census reports about the Brent population, see the 2021 Census: data and resources page on open data.

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