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The mid-year estimates are the ‘official’ source of data about population and relate to past trends. They provide an estimate of the population based on known data such as births, deaths, and estimates of migration flows. The mid-2020 estimates presented here were released in June 2021.

What the figures tell us about Brent

  • The mid-year estimate for 2020, suggests Brent is home to around 327,800 residents, this makes it the ninth largest borough in London.
  • The borough has a population density of 7,580 people per square kilometre – the 14th highest density in England, and the highest in Outer London.
  • In common with other London Boroughs, Brent has a relatively young population: the median age of the population is 36, four years lower than the England average (40). The population is ageing: over the period 2011-20 the median age rose from 33 to 36.
  • Women comprise almost half (49%) of the population but make up 61% of the very elderly population (aged 85 and over).
  • Over the period 2000-2018, the Brent population grew by around 25% – an additional 65,900 residents. However, more recently, growth has stalled and the population of Brent has seen a slight fall: during mid-2018 to mid-2020, the Brent population fell by 0.9% (-3,000 residents). This period includes events like the Brexit transition, as well as the first 3 months of the pandemic lockdown. 

Note: Estimates are rounded to nearest 100.

Data limitations

It is important to note that the figures are estimates not precise counts. Importantly, ONS advises that the estimates for the years immediately following a census year tend to be more accurate than for those immediately prior to a census year. For this reason, particular caution is required when considering the 2020 estimates. The 2021 Census results are expected in Spring 2022.

Data and related reports

The links below provide access to the raw data on the ONS website and to the ONS interactive tool (excel). For summary analysis of these and other data about Brent, please see our report on Population Change in Brent, also available on open data.

Link to the ONS data: estimates at local authority level by age and gender. Includes data on components of change, median age and population density.

Interactive analysis of estimated population change for local authorities and regions in England and Wales by age and sex. Annual estimates are from mid-2011 onwards. To see data for Brent - just change the area in the drop-down menu. Note: This is a very large file and may take some time to open (70MB). 

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